Founded in 1998 EBS International is premised on the recognition that the continued use of legacy, ill-suited and poorly-maintained administration applications has resulted in structural inefficiencies in the South African and African retirement fund administration market. With the intention to combine robust, scalable and dependable technology with a highly focused commercial strategy, EBS International have sought to fundamentally change the relationship between retirement funds and their administrators thereby lowering the cost of administration while providing a significant increase in administrative capability.

EBS International today has developed into a leading provider of retirement funds administration platforms. This includes hosted applications to the retirement fund and asset management industry as well as the provision of technology, consulting, disaster recovery and business continuity services. The Group currently counts two of South Africa’s largest retirement funds as its clients, representing over 3 450000,00 members and in excess of R1 trillion Rands in assets. Sentinel, one of its first clients, has for the third successive year, been announced as the Best Pension Fund – South Africa, in the prestigious World Finance Global Pension Funds Awards 2016.

EBS International has a PROVEN track record of delivery to multiple and diverse players, both domestically and internationally. Currently EBS International provides administration platforms to some of the largest and most complex investment funds in South Africa with clients ranging from retirement funds to financial product administrators, large corporates and parastatals.

EBS International is an accredited leader in the provisioning of service-critical retirement funds applications, hosted administration platforms and technology services to the retirement funds market thereby empowering administrators and trustees to address legacy administration inefficiencies.

Financial Performance

EBS International is financially strong with no debt or gearing in the business. Secured under long-term contracts with credible counter parties, a significant portion (circa 80%) of the group’s revenues is subject to inflation linked contracts with a minimum initial term of 5 years.

EBS International’s Market Differentiator

EBS International’s focus on cost containment and error reduction in the provision of hosted financial services solutions is its critical success factor. Achieving this for its clients results in lowering the costs of administration and increasing the service offering.

It is inconceivable that any existing legacy provider is able to risk linking its service delivery to payment for services rendered given the potential liability and financial exposure that this would place them at, given the extent to which their current services delivery is lacking or falls short of expectations. In contrast, EBS International links payment to services delivery thereby ensuring delivery and reducing service provider risk for customers.

Group Structure and Shareholders

African Rainbow Capital (ARC) is a fully black owned and controlled investment company focusing on the South African and African financial services industry and businesses that deliver exceptional returns on equity. ARC is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Ubuntu-Botho Investments (UBI). The shareholding structure of UBI includes a broad base of stakeholders that includes church groups, trade unions and women’s groups, amongst others.


A culture of good corporate governance is instilled at board level and is applicable to the entire organisation. EBS International engages its stakeholders with transparency, honesty and respect and it conducts its business ethically. It is not sufficient to just follow codes, rules and policies, but rather that those charged with oversight, by their nature, are trustworthy and ambitious to act in the best interest of the company and its stakeholders.



Key Products and Services

EBS International’s business model is premised on a multi-service offering including Technology Services and Financial Services.

Technology Services

Technology Services include, Hosted Member and Asset Management Administration Platforms, Hosted Business Intelligence Solutions, Third Party Hosting Services and Full Disaster Recover/Business Continuity Services. EBS International also provides consulting services in support of all these products.

Financial Services

EBS International, through its subsidiary EBS Africa , offers full 13B Retirement Fund Administration services. The following is a diagrammatic representation of EBS International’s key product offerings: