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Com_Pen on-site administration platform

Com_Pen is a proprietary developed and supported employee benefit administration solution deployed throughout Southern Africa and proven over 20 years. Com_Pen is deployed on site at each client. Com_Pen is best suited to small to medium size administrators, larger self-administered funds, or clients for whom an on-site solution is a pre-requisite.

I-MAGINE hosted administration platform

I-MAGINE is our flagship administration platform for large and complex clients. It can be fully hosted and customised for almost any requirement. Our proprietary workflows, screens and monitoring tools enhance efficiency and reduce risk.

Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Data Center

Our disaster recovery services in Midrand, South Africa features world class facilities, including syndicated and dedicated work area seats, IT Hosting, co-location and connectivity infrastructure. High availability and online backup solutions are designed to reduce recovery times and ensure resilience. The facilities are designed to support any business type or complexity. The data centre in Midrand, Gauteng is specifically designed to support complex data and web hosting environments.

Other Services


We have developed a number of adjacent and complimentary services to support our clients ecosystems and business models. These include

-          Business intelligence solutions

-          Investment administration services including unitisation and portfolio reporting

-          Administration processing and outsourced administration

-          Umbrella funds

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